Photos are around 50% (or more) of the whole of Tumblr’s content currently. Therefore you can see that, when it comes to visual content, Tumblr really embraces it really well. People only remember around 20% of what they read, so why not condense your content, squeeze out the essence and make it into an image? […]

Very few of us haven’t heard of Tumblr. I am sure many of y’all have heard of This Charming Charlie which often provides you with fun or cute things to read or Trillians Thoughts on which you would sometimes come across thought provoking stuff.    Why should we care about Tumblr?   It has around […]

When you have quite a successful site already, remember to still add a few more things: customer review page first. Now that you already have quite a big audience, customers who are satisfied will naturally leave positive comments on your site; this will greatly improve other viewers’ confidence in you, as the comments are from […]

Back to the discussion of E-commerce, another important feature that you should have is Live Chats that should be available on site as much as possible whenever visitors require it. Imagine a car show without the salespersons; the sales can’t be good. Effective sales skills can turn many of the window shoppers to real customers, […]

Product comparisons are useful for on-line shoppers too. Product comparisons could be internal or external, meaning you compare amongst your own products or with other products from other brands (subtly of course). One example is Qoo10 which has somewhat compared its products internally. Taking only two examples from a range of perhaps hundreds, we can […]

Another important aspect of your E-commerce site is Product Demo. A Product Demo might seem very similar to the previously mentioned multi-views feature, but it focuses on educating customers how to use your product instead of focusing on letting them zoom in and take meticulous looks at each little part of your product. In educating […]

Another important feature of a successful E-commerce site is the multi-views feature. On-line shopping often gives rise to ambiguity, and by allowing visitors to look at the product from as many different angles as possible, we can reduce such ambiguity. One good example will be Volvo, who has done that extremely well, even though it […]