Enfactum; Better Business Outcomes

Our Unique Approach:

At Enfactum our unique approach centres on effective use of information technology, the latest in analytical tools and techniques combined to give you practical insights into your business. We use cloud computing based platforms, closed loop marketing, touch point analysis to help you streamline your marketing and operational strategies to achieve the maximum possible benefits.

Having extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region we also offer a unique perspective into this challenging market and can help you in launching your business or new initiatives in the region. Our dynamic core team helps you look afresh at your organization or various programs. We do this by asking better questions that would help to evaluate and improve your business practices

Our strength also lies in our values. We are committed to building long term relationships with our clients and delivering results that would make a significant difference to their organizations.

Factum in Latin is ‘A man’s deed’. At Enfactum we strive to ensure that our actions enhance, energize and enrich your business. Hence, the name captures our essence and to us represents our raison d’être. We offer Consulting, Specialized Business Analytics and Marketing Services to enable companies to compete better in the Asia-Pacific market place.

Our key strengths are an unparalleled understanding of the Asian Pacific Markets and a commitment to deliver superior quality, on time and at a reasonable cost. We thoroughly understand the difference that crucial information or insight can make to your business and our associates are dedicated to Ensuring nothing is overlooked. The result is ‘Better Business Outcomes’.

Get in touch:

We see marketing world undergoing some dramatic transformations. Today customers are looking on the internet before making a purchasing related decision therefore, if we need to get seen at the right place, at the right time and to the right individual. Enfactum wants to capitalize on that opportunity by realizing that shift in marketing tactics. From a marketing standpoint, our world is transforming and our software/platform helps our customers embrace that change. Enfactum lets you enable your customers, to find you! We are offering a ‘no strings attached’ – 1 hour FREE consultation! This will provide you an opportunity to learn more on inbound marketing methodology & Enfactum Pte. Lte. with me.


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