A Prosperous 2014 with Inbound Marketing


This is a little late, but I think late is better than never! Of course, 2014 is going to be better, more prosperous, and more wonderful. With 2014, I also want to pose a challenge to everyone reading this: change the way we sell in 2014. No more hard selling; attract your customers to you, instead of chasing after them and scaring them away.

“I don’t think I have seen enough TV commercials; I would love to receive some cold calls when I am having my meals with my family, or playing with my kids; I would love to have my mailbox stuffed with mails, even though I know that most mails are irrelevant mails to me, or rather, junk mails; oh wait, I am not done, please paste more ads on the lamp posts around my housing area, will you?” If you are hearing this from any customer at all, pinch yourself now and see if it is real.

According to Corporate Executive Board, most people would have made about 60% of their purchasing decision before talking to a salesperson. So why hard sell? Why not create valuable information for your customers and attract them to you? I am not very good at mathematics, but I infer that if you hard sell, your success rate is 40% most of the time, while, if the customers come to you themselves, 60% of the time they will buy from you. Forgive me if I have interpreted wrongly.

I wouldn’t say that salespersons are no longer important, but their approach has to change, and we should not rely on them as heavily as we did in the past, but should instead devote more resources to building up a strong inbound-marketing foundation instead. If you insist on relying heavily on salespersons still, I would say that salespersons nowadays cannot use the same script over and over anymore. They are simply too many choices out there for your customers, and most of the time it is pointless trying to shout out and compare if who is louder – you or your competitors. Your best strategy is to choose your target segment wisely, and devote your resources to people who are already attracted to you, convert them to become your customers, and retain them (with a good CRM system) to become your brand’s loyal fans. Why I said that salespersons cannot use the same script over and over, is because the best way to convert your leads into your customers is to understand your leads well, and meet each of their different unique needs. With Inbound Marketing, we can observe and analyze to see who are reading your blog posts, what topics they are interested in, what images or products they click on most, and so on. You even know their demographics by inserting landing pages for them to fill up their information. With such information, you understand your leads well, and customize your script personally for them as you speak with them, and build up a good relationship, or even friendship, with them, and eventually they will become your loyal customers.

Challenge accepted? Let’s start now and sell differently in 2014, for better sales and more prosperous years ahead.

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