The Power of Inbound Marketing

A picture says a thousand words; here is a list of features that we think are very true for Inbound Marketing.

infographic 3

Inbound Marketing allows marketers to carry out two-way communications with consumers easily and in a more friendly way. For example, Facebook allows viewers to post comments on our wall posts or ask more private questions by private messaging us; Tumblr allows followers to ask questions, and we could answer their questions by publishing our answers or replying them in private; Twitter allows followers to retweet; and there are many more interactive features in inbound marketing. This is so different from traditional marketing methods which gather opinions from customers mostly via surveys or feedback forms, which are more formal and sometimes restrict customers’ real opinions as the survey questions are often phrased in such a way that they are directed towards certain kinds of answers.

And this brings us to our second point: building relationships. Social media platforms allow us to portray ourselves in a more ‘human’ way, and thus relationships can be built up more easily between us and our customers, especially so when customers think that we are somewhat friends, instead of some invisible non-human corporations which have all kinds of superficial robotic interactions with them using things like automated e-mail replies and generic advertising messages.

Needless to say, inbound marketing is less costly, and definitely, not risky. What risk is there when you don’t even have to invest huge funds to get your inbound marketing tools running? In fact, inbound marketing is more promising, and gives you higher ROI, in a sense that it provides you more returns per every invested dollar as compared to traditional marketing methods.

Instead of buying ads and pushing your advertising messages to consumers, which is an ineffective method to bring your messages across as customers often block out such messages, why not use inbound marketing to help customers find you themselves? To achieve that, you need interesting, informative and valuable content. The thing about traditional marketing is that its messages are often irrelevant, and usually intrusive; putting your marketing messages before consumers’ eyes while they don’t need them is equivalent to giving a shepherd a farming plough or supplying sheep food to a farmer. Inbound marketing, on the contrary, resembles a popular manufacturer of various farming tools, and farmers come themselves to choose the tools whenever they want; and they are attracted by the quality of the tools; no one is putting the tools at their door steps to force them to buy.

Last but not least, inbound marketing is easy to measure, and you know exactly what has worked and what not. What use is there if you don’t even know if your sales fluctuations are attributed to your marketing campaigns or not? You won’t have any directions next.

You ought to act quickly before it is too late, and enjoy the first-mover advantage while others don’t. Choose your marketing buddy wisely, take actions quickly, use inbound marketing early and enjoy your marketing journey happily!

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