Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Prosperous 2014 with Inbound Marketing

This is a little late, but I think late is better than never! Of course, 2014 is going to be better, more prosperous, and more wonderful. With 2014, I also want to pose a challenge to everyone reading this: change the way we sell in 2014. No more hard selling; attract your customers to you, […]

The Power of Inbound Marketing

A picture says a thousand words; here is a list of features that we think are very true for Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing allows marketers to carry out two-way communications with consumers easily and in a more friendly way. For example, Facebook allows viewers to post comments on our wall posts or ask more private […]

Enfactum’s Tumblr

After so much discussion on Tumblr, I realized we haven’t shown you our own Tumblr blog! HERE (and here) it is. It’s neat, it’s simple, it’s visual and it’s easy to read. And it’s interactive! You can ask us questions and we will answer accordingly in no time.   Enjoy!   Visit Enfactum today to […]