Tumblr – SEO Features

The last valuable aspect of Tumblr that I am talking about is its SEO-friendly features. Right from the start, Tumblr allows you to customize your own domain name. When you set up your account, you can choose a personalized URL, and you can conveniently put your company’s name or product as that! It’s a very useful way to drive traffic back to your website.


Check out the image down here. 


Tumblr also allows you to generate your own URL for each and every piece of the content you post. What an awesome way for you to improve your SEO! Simply click the icon (as shown in the image) and edit accordingly.


Remember to avoid URLs like this:




and it’s 100 times better to have URLs like this:




This is not just SEO-friendly, but also easy for you to sort out your posts and for your visitors to find your posts. Oh yes, Tumblr allows you to add captions and tags to your photos to increase searchability too! It will be easier for your followers to find, interact with and reblog your posts!




Better Business Outcomes


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