Tumblr – A Highly Active Community

Back to the discussion of Tumblr, I would say that Tumblr has a highly active and interactive community. The fact is that Tumblr users are reblogging, favouriting and commenting all the time, on all types of content that interests them, ranging from food and lifestyle to science and history. Oh yes, reblogging is important, as it is really helpful in promoting yourselves, especially if you are value-adding to the reposts at the same time. Multiple-cycles reposts are normally hot posts, that everyone is talking about. Don’t feel unoriginal to repost! It’s ok to join in the crowd, and talk about what everyone is talking about. That’s when the readers see you, and appreciate you for your input.


Tumblr is a community, a highly active community. If you get seen here, you get a big audience. All these (this and the previous posts) that I am talking about eventually help you improve your own SEO, which is something I am going to talk about next.  



Better Business Outcomes


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