Monthly Archives: December 2013

The New Era Of Marketing Is On Fire

When I tried to think of things being on fire, the first word that came across my mind was ‘marketing’; the second thing that flashed through my mind was the song by Ellie Goulding – Burn. And it’s not just about the word ‘Burn’ actually; there are some lines in her lyrics that I think […]

Tumblr – SEO Features

The last valuable aspect of Tumblr that I am talking about is its SEO-friendly features. Right from the start, Tumblr allows you to customize your own domain name. When you set up your account, you can choose a personalized URL, and you can conveniently put your company’s name or product as that! It’s a very […]

Tumblr – A Highly Active Community

Back to the discussion of Tumblr, I would say that Tumblr has a highly active and interactive community. The fact is that Tumblr users are reblogging, favouriting and commenting all the time, on all types of content that interests them, ranging from food and lifestyle to science and history. Oh yes, reblogging is important, as […]

Tumblr – A Place For Inspiration

Yes, Tumblr is a platform that all of us should use to make our visitors remember our message more vividly. However, it’s a good place to read too sometimes. Tumblr is full of inspiration. When you are so drained of energy and can’t seem to be able to think of your next blog title, new […]

Tumblr – It’s All About Visual Content

Photos are around 50% (or more) of the whole of Tumblr’s content currently. Therefore you can see that, when it comes to visual content, Tumblr really embraces it really well. People only remember around 20% of what they read, so why not condense your content, squeeze out the essence and make it into an image? […]